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Family History Research
Forensic Research
Visual Family Projects

Each family history project is unique. Some families can readily be found while others require more time and diligence. Before research begins I will analyze all prior research or documents you have, and we will determine a clear objective. This type of research, depending upon the objective, may require searching the collateral relatives, land records, census records, probates and wills, court records, and vital records. Once research is complete you will receive a research report that has detailed analysis of sources consulted, fully documented copies of sources (if permissible) with citations, a summary of findings as they pertain to the objective, and suggestions for further research. 

Forensic genealogy involves research for cases with legal significance. This can include but is not limited to; kinship determination for probate cases, soil and mineral rights cases, title insurance cases, and property rights. Some of the sources used for this type of work are census records, wills, probate records, court records, newspapers, obituaries, cemetery records, vital records, and city directories. After research is completed, a fully documented and source cited report is submitted.

Have a family reunion in the future? Want to give a meaningful and special gift? Or do you want to display your heritage in your home? CRC Genealogical Research can create family history books, albums, or family tree wall charts for display. We can discuss the event you want to commemorate and decide which option would best suit your needs.

Limited Research

If you want a specific record that you have seen an index or abstract for, I can retrieve a copy of it for you. These may include wills, probates, land records, a cemetery photo, or a newspaper article. I have access to the Tennessee State Library and Archives, the Metropolitan Government Archives of Nashville, Williamson County Archives, as well as the archives and courthouses of the surrounding counties.

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